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I’m a Seattle native and work as a software engineer so I’m not sure if I am allowed to call myself a “photographer” but I love photography and have been shooting since I was 9-years-old.  My story up to this point has been a little less conventional (or maybe not?) but it’s taken me around the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been to 23 counties, lived in three and met some of the most amazing people along the way; and always had a camera by my side. Sadly, many of the photos I took of my travels are *lost (low-res versions exist, scattered among non-profit sites and old social media accounts like Xanga and MySpace haha) simply because I never planned to post them into galleries. So yes, I have started saving the originals but its definitely a new thing; thus this site is pretty much only recent work (last 3 years).

My first camera was a Canon Rebel (film) and even as a brooding 9-year-old I’ve always been fascinated by trying to capture the sum of the moment I am in. I am certainly not the first person to try and articulate exactly what it is about photographs that can evoke so much inside of us but speaking personally, its the way that photos allow you to invite others into your own life moment; an intimacy somehow not destroyed when shared with strangers.

I shoot landscapes and portraits and I try my best to just vibe with the moment and let the subject make the shot - many of my favorite shots were complete surprises.  So if you're a model or a photographer or even if you're neither and just wanna go on a hike and see some views - lets!

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